Green drops in ugly stains on the melting snow, it is the end of the festival, the end of euphoria. From now on the light is switched off, nights will be dark again and in daytime water runs down on the black bark of trees into the dark green grass. Horrible.


But on the return from burned countries, from ochres and shining greys, eyes still dazzled by the white, the meeting with the colour green is even more painful. Fat grass and green forests remind you of everyday life, of obligations and solitude.

Do you know green solitude? 

I have become conscious that I never used the colour green in my pictures. So I started to examine this colour. I isolated it in whites in order to take off all emotional associations and to make it more bearable to my eyes.

My journey to India and the discovery of its greens gave another aspect to this work, which is not really separable from the series “The Wanderer”.