Anna Pichotka was born in 1956 in Freiburg in Germany.
She studied theatre, art therapy and arts .
She has worked, among other jobs, as actress, agricultural employee, waitress, stage painter, language instructor and art teacher, and she loves travelling.
Since 1985 she has lived in France.



Exhibition of the series "Roland is dead" in Rostrenen

Exhibition of the series "Little labyrinths and migraines" à l'Atelier du Mail, Rennes

Individuel exhibition in the "Espace 3,7" in Grand Fougeray

Individuel exhibition in the "Galerie im Garten", Mahlberg, Germany


Individuel exhibition, Gallery Cap'Art, Quintin


Individuel exhibition in "Espace 3.7" in Grand-Fougeray

Participation in " Salon International d'Arts", Olne, Belgium


Individual exhibition in “Espace 3.7” in Grand-Fougeray
Participation at the “Salon Saint Luc”, La Chapelle Gaceline



Participation at the Salon « Les Talentueuses » in Rennes
Participation at the 11th Festival « Art dans L’Orne » in the Castle of Serans, Ecouché
Production of a stage set for « La Belle et la Bête » for « Chatplume » in Rennes



Participation at the "Furieux Festival Féministe", University Rennes 2
Individual exhibition in the Museum Jean-Charles Chapput, La Chapelle Gaceline
Exhibition in the "Espace Rêves", Bazouge La Pérouse
Conception and realisation of an art production in a nursery school : "Tissage de liens" – « Weaving Connections » in the school of Bruz.



Individual exhibition in “Espace 3.7”, Grand-Fougeray